Hi, I’m Danny 👋🏼

And I’m a User Experience/Product Designer, and this is my story.

Before I embarked on my journey into the field of UX, I studied Psychology during my undergrad years. After graduation, I bounced between different fields of work — community leadership, retail, food services and business development — in hopes to find my passion. After a while, I realized a common theme in all my previous roles..


I discovered that in all my previous roles, I really enjoyed helping people. Whether I’m deep in the storage room trying to find the hidden t-shirt for a customer or ensuring my students receive the best camp experience ever, I always felt inclined to make sure people were happy.

Fast forward some time, and I learned to appreciate creative work.

And everything changed once I saw a YouTube Video that explained the field of UX.


My Design Process

I follow a holistic user-centered design methodology, which cycles through 6 important steps:


I start by understanding the market, the users, and business goals. With a solid understanding, I define an overarching scope or "north star" of the project, which influences its direction.


With a solid understanding, I like to collaborate with designers, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams, and deploy industry’s best practices to uncover unique solutions.


I find it important to define the product's information architecture, sitemap, screen flows, lo-fidelity wireframes on paper and on whiteboards. This gives me a better overview on how the product should look and behave.


Now it is time for the best part; firing up Sketch to create mockups.

P.S. I’m a huge fan of applying the Gestalt principles and Golden ratio in my designs.

05. TEST

"You are not your users."

Sometimes we think our designs are incredible and flawless or we are just not sure if the designs are right, so I create prototypes and test with target audiences to make sure if the product is designed right.


Insights from user testing will help determine if the product is ready for development or if it needs to be refined.

If it passes, it gets shipped!